Course Descriptions


700 Hour Massage Therapy Program

IN: (21.75 Clock Hours) Course Name: Integration

This course serves as bookends to the student’s other coursework at MBI. During the first week of classes, the student is acclimated with the facility, policies, procedures and school safety. During the final week of school, the student will complete any necessary paperwork for the licensure process; and there will also be final massage trade outs, guest lectures, and completion day. No exams.

AP1: (78.75 Clock Hours) Course Name: Osteology and Myology

This course is designed to familiarize students with the bones and muscles of the human body. Students will learn to identify the bones of the human skeleton and their related landmarks, and also how to identify a significant number of the body’s muscles, including their origins, insertions, and actions.

AP2: (74.25 Clock Hours) Course Name: Systems of the Body

The introduction of the use of medical terminology in a massage setting lays the groundwork for this course. The student will study the structure and function of the systems of the human body as they pertain to massage.

AP3: ( 58.50 Clock Hours) Course Name: Advanced A&P

Prerequisite: AP1
The student will be given an overview of certain advanced topics in anatomy and physiology, including biomechanics and pathology. Biomechanics is the study of interrelationships between joints, joint structures, and muscles as movement and activity occur. Pathology outlines the normal and abnormal physiology of the systems of the human body and how they affect the massage protocol of a therapist for his/her client.

MTP1: (56.25 Clock Hours) Course Name: Swedish Massage & Documentation

In this course, students will be introduced to the basics of massage theory and practice, including proper body mechanics, Swedish massage techniques, the history of massage, and how to prepare medical documentation for massage therapy. Students will also complete a research project on a specific condition and the effects that massage therapy has had on that condition.

MTP2: (63.0 Clock Hours) Course Name: Massage Theory & Practice

This course will expand on prior Swedish massage knowledge to concentrate on techniques for particular muscles and muscle groups, including standard routines for different regions of the body. Students also begin to practice massage with a wider group of clients through community outreach chair massage events and professional trade-outs with experienced licensed massage therapist volunteers. All events will take place during normal school hours and equipment will be provided, but the student may be required to travel to an off campus location.

MTP3: (87.75 Clock Hours) Course Name: Clinical Concepts

Prerequisite: AP1
The student will learn advanced techniques in massage theory and practice, tailored toward therapeutic massage in a medical environment. Topics include muscle testing, case studies, Active Isolated Stretching, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial, and determination of treatment plans and referral options.

IC: (100.00 Clock Hours) Course Name: Intern Clinic

The course will introduce the student to the requirements of working in a professional massage therapy setting. The student will gain experience marketing to and recruiting their own clients, performing massage on the general public, working with scheduling, computer documentation, and customer relations. The student will develop their skill in documentation of client conditions, create and implement client care plans, and perform client follow-up. Hours for the Intern Clinic must be scheduled with the Intern Clinic instructor after an initial evaluation has been completed. Hours are available six days a week, 9am-6pm.

CPR: (4.50 Clock Hours) Course Name: Adult CPR & First Aid

This course covers the required American Red Cross instruction in Adult CPR and First Aid. All materials will be provided.

EI: (13.50 Clock Hours) Course Name: Ethics

Students will learn to apply sound ethical reasoning and judgment through the study of ethical scenarios between massage therapists and clients.

BM: (54.00 Clock Hours) Course Name: Business of Massage

An introduction to business practices as they relate to the massage profession. Students develop marketing tools, PR skills and business management/operation skills. Employers and licensed massage therapists working in different settings are invited in for panel discussions and for students to establish relationships.

LAW: (9.0 Clock Hours) Course Name: TN Statutes, Rules and Application

The most current edition of the TN statue and rules governing the massage profession are discussed. The application process for licensure is covered, including assistance for the student in completing forms. Students will have the opportunity to attend a meeting of the TN Massage Board (during class hours, however, students will have to arrange transportation).

LM: (51.75 Clock Hours) Course Name: Lymphatic Massage

An introduction to specialized massage therapy modality of lymphatic Massage. Giving the student an understanding of the history of the modality, techniques to perform, indication and contraindications for these treatments.

ADJT: (63.00 Clock Hours) Course Name: Adjunct Therapies

This course will give the student an introduction to the theory and practice of several therapies often used in conjunction with massage. Topics include hydrotherapy, infant, prenatal and seated massage; an introduction to Eastern health philosophies including: chi, yin and yang, meridians, acupressure points and Eastern tissue manipulation techniques; and self care techniques, including yoga, breathing routines and self awareness.