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Advanced Myofascial Techniques and Functional Movement Assessments - Neck, Shoulder, Low Back, Pelvis and Legs

(Reminder: Our address is 1556 Crestview Drive Madison, TN 37115. Parking for all CE classes located in the rear of our building as Limited Front parking is reserved for clients receiving massage)

Date: September 14-15, 2024
Time: 9 am - 6 pm daily (CST)
CE Hours: 16
Cost: $425.00
(Early Bird $395.00; before September 6) 

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Course Description:
This 16-hour CE course includes PowerPoint lectures on the history, scientific research and strategies of fascial bodywork and manual therapy demonstrations of myofascial techniques with active and passive client movement based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  Workshop addresses neck, shoulder, spine, pelvis, legs and feet with postural and movement dysfunctions, and more. Synergeticä Myofascial Therapy includes a variety of advanced fascial therapy techniques, rocking, movement, functional assessments and stretching to solve pain and dysfunctional mobility patterns. Magnus has a direct lineage to Dr Rolf through his teacher and her protégé and successor Emmett Hutchins. Bobbi is an experienced Structural Integration teacher also certified by Dr. Sue Morter as an Energy CodesÒ Coach and Body AwakeÒ Yoga teacher.

Supplies: Athletic Shorts, (Sports bra/comparable for woman), no lotion on the body, sheet sets, note taking material

Instructors Bio:
Magnus Eklund BCSI, LMT MS 144, AL 4348, LA 6971

Magnus Eklund BCSI, LMT 144 MS, 98151 FL, 4348 AL is a Board-certified (CBSI) Structural Integrator, Myofascial Therapy teacher/practitioner and movement educator, originally from Sweden, now residing in Long Beach, MS with his wife Bobbi. He has been involved in the healing arts as a practicing bodyworker and movement educator since 1994.

He is the owner of Mind & Body Inc. a Synergetic™ Structural Integration and myofascial clinic in Biloxi, MS. Magnus specializes in Synergetic myofascial therapy and structural integration. Because this work is focused on structural balance, pain relief and improving functional movement, Magnus receives referrals on a regular basis from leaders in his community including MD’s, DO’s, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, yoga teachers, sports coaches, and fitness trainers. He has worked with many professional athletes from NFL, ATP tennis tour and US track and field athletes. In 1996 he was selected to be a part of the medical team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. 

Magnus has studied structural integration with many well-known teachers and spent time in Hawaii being taught by Dr. Ida Rolfs protégé Emmett Hutchins and Neal Powers another early student of Ida Rolf. 

He is a graduate of KMI – Tom Myers structural Integration school (500 hours) and an advanced structural integration practitioner certified by the Guild for Structural Integration. Other influences on Magnus work is Dean Juhan, the author of Job’s Body, Aaron Mathis, and Kelly Starrett from The Ready State. 

Magnus has taught myofascial CE workshops in the US since 1999 and regularly teach 25 -30 weekends a year. He is an NCBTMB 450063-06, Mississippi MAP 29, Louisiana LAP 122, Florida and Georgia 50-9284 approved CE provider. He founded the SynergeticÔ Structural Integration method and is teaching a 300-hour SSI training with his wife Bobbi. More information about Magnus and Bobbi’s workshops and graduates/practitioners of their SSI program can be found on the website www.mindandbodyinc.com.

Magnus is a graduate of Lillsved Sport College in the Stockholm region of Sweden in 1985 where he got his start in understanding functional movement, exercise training and bodywork principles. He is a former tennis coach and D1 collegiate player. He is a certified Yoga teacher by the Yoga Institute of Houston, TX and RYT 200. He is a Kelly Starrett The Ready State certified Mobility Specialist. Magnus is an International Sports Science Association certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga teacher, Strength and Conditioning coach, Recovery specialist and Corrective Exercise specialist. 

In SynergeticÔ Structural Integration Magnus effectively combines the traditional fascial work inspired by Dr. Ida Rolf with stretching, vibrational techniques and movement in an intriguing synergy of bodywork techniques. 


Bobbi Eklund, LMT MS 2629, AL 1691, CSMT, CSSI

Bobbi has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991. Over 28 years ago, she attended The European Institute of Massage Therapy, where she was greatly influenced by Erica Lichter, a leader in the field of Massage Therapy. She later graduated from The New Age School of Shiatsu in 1999 where she resided in Italy for 8 and a half years—taught under Alessandro Cantelli, who is the founder of Yotsu® a series of exercises designed to open the energy

pathways known as Meridians. Bobbi learned special skills that would aid in her ability to sense this energy of the body. She has always understood the importance of the connection between body mind and spirit. Because balance is the priority in any lifestyle characteristic of healthy living, Bobbi also works with the body’s energy in a system called Body Talk, which, along with Shiatsu, is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Bobbi is a SynergeticÔ Structural Integrator and CE workshop teacher. She currently has a structural integration practice in Biloxi, MS. She founded and operated the Enterprise School of massage for 7 years. She is trained by The Association for Research & Enlightenment as a Life Coach and in Regression Hypnotherapy. She is certified by Dr Sue Morter as an Energy Codes Coach and Facilitator. Bobbi has a passion for teaching SynergeticÔStructural Integration alongside her husband Magnus. For more information about Bobbi visit www.mindandbodyinc.com

Bobbi and Magnus teach a yearly SynergeticÔ

 Structural Integration Certification. In 2024 this will be in Birmingham, AL starting in July.  (Time requirement is 6 3-day weekends for a total of 150 hours. 

NCBTMB approved 450063-06 (exp 4/24/28), MS 29, LAP 122, AL, FL/GA Ce broker 50-9284 approved

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Event Date 09-14-2024 9:00 am
Event End Date 09-15-2024 6:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $425.00
Location Mind Body Institute